3 Tips To Prepare For Your First Season As A Youth Basketball Coach

Is this your first time serving as a youth basketball coach? If so, you'll want to take time to prepare before your first team practice. Your team will benefit from an organized practice plan and your team's parents will appreciate your preparation. You'll also likely find that running practice is much easier if you have a plan and you can limit parent frustration or interruption if they know what to expect.

Four Outdoor Games That Add An Old Fashioned Touch To A Backyard Party

By the end of summer, most people will have already hosted a slew of backyard barbecues, pool parties and birthday gatherings. Despite the great food, fun guests and enjoyable weather, it can all begin to seem a little boring. To liven things up, consider making some changes. Adding a few activities that get everyone moving can be a good step, especially if those activities make it possible for guests of all ages to play together.

Top Five Bicycle Maintenance Faux-Pas

Maintaining a bicycle may not be rocket science, but there are many common mistakes that riders can make that shorten the life of their bicycle. Here are some of the most common faux-pas that you should avoid with your own bicycle. Overtighten the Screws You may feel that tightening your seat and handlebars as much as possible will make you safer by preventing the parts from coming undone. However, you're actually damaging the bike's parts by stripping the screws.

Nutrition And Fitness Strategies To Improve Your Running Time

If you are trying to increase your running speed, you need to develop a plan that tweaks both your workout routine and your nutrition program. By launching an attack on both areas, you should note an increase in your overall running speeds and a decrease in the time it takes you to complete a mile. Read on for training and nutrition tips so that you can boost your stamina and get into better shape for running.

Look Good And Play Better In Cool, Comfortable Golf Apparel

A day on a golf course is an enjoyable, though often rigorous, endeavor. While golfing may seem like a low-contact sport, walking on the greens or spending time at the driving range can give you quite a workout. When you do plan to spend time on the course, be sure that you are prepared for the day ahead, while looking stylish, too. Some good options for great golfing gear include these: