Top Five Bicycle Maintenance Faux-Pas

Maintaining a bicycle may not be rocket science, but there are many common mistakes that riders can make that shorten the life of their bicycle. Here are some of the most common faux-pas that you should avoid with your own bicycle.

Overtighten the Screws

You may feel that tightening your seat and handlebars as much as possible will make you safer by preventing the parts from coming undone. However, you're actually damaging the bike's parts by stripping the screws. Over time, you won't be able to get as tight of a seal because the screw no longer fits properly. Only tighten the screws to arm's strength; never use a wrench or other tool to tighten the screws further.

Run Through the Brake Pads

Your brake pads are one thing that should be replaced regularly, even when they're not fully broken. If you notice that one of your break pads has a big chunk missing from repeated wear and tear, get it replaced or reseated before you have a big problem.

Ignore Tire Pressure

Having the correct tire pressure is one of the best things you can do for your bike. And fortunately, it's easy. You'll need a tire pump that has a gauge to tell you the air pressure, in PSI, of your tires. Then, check the side of your tires for a number that tells you how much pressure your tire should ideally have. If you can remember to pump your tires every week, you'll considerably improve their shelf life.

Leave the Seat in Indefinitely

Even if you've found the perfect seat height, you'll need to take it out occasionally to clean it. Otherwise, grit can build up around the rim and cause the seat to decay.  You can use bleach to wash away any corrosion that's building up on the seat stand.

Going a Year Without a Tune-Up

While home maintenance is great for keeping your bike running smoothly, there are some things that just need to be done by a professional. The process of truing your tires and replacing brake pads is critical to your safety, so visit a bicycle shop at least once a year to get a thorough bicycle repair.

Taking care of your bicycle can, in some cases, be a life or death scenario, but it can also simply cost you more money for repairs. Follow the steps above to avoid a major repair or accident. 

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