Four Outdoor Games That Add An Old Fashioned Touch To A Backyard Party

By the end of summer, most people will have already hosted a slew of backyard barbecues, pool parties and birthday gatherings. Despite the great food, fun guests and enjoyable weather, it can all begin to seem a little boring. To liven things up, consider making some changes. Adding a few activities that get everyone moving can be a good step, especially if those activities make it possible for guests of all ages to play together. Historically, summer picnics included a variety of fun games that people enjoyed taking part in. Here are a few that can be played in nearly any backyard.

The Clang of Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a game that is simple to play, easy to understand and can be played even in the smallest of yards. Any age of guest can take part and the minimal amount of equipment needed makes it inexpensive to set up. The stakes can be inserted into a grassy yard, or a permanent pit with sand can be built if regular games are to be scheduled.

Get out the Sticks and Wickets

In croquet, the small hoops the ball is meant to be rolled through is known as a wicket. These, along with mallets, balls and the posts to designate the end of the maze are typically sold in a set. Croquet requires a large enough yard to weave a challenging path for contestants, but hills and hazards like trees and gardens can add to the complexity and fun.

Find the Birdie

One of the most popular of backyard games is badminton. This tennis-like competition is slower paced and the birdie, also known as a shuttlecock, can be gently hit to make it easy for even the youngest players to participate. The sets are inexpensive and are often even found on yard sales. Replacement pieces like new birdies or badminton grips can be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

Rental Shoes not Needed

Lawn bowling is a sport that has been a part of backyard parties for centuries. There are sets that mimic indoor bowling for adults and inflatable versions for young children. However, those who want to take part in the official version will need to invest in genuine lawn bowls and keep a flat section of the yard shortly clipped as a playing field.

These games help to make parties more exciting and can help families stay active and spend time together even on non-party nights. Some of these games may be unfamiliar to younger guests, but since they are so simple to learn, explaining the rules will only delay things for a few moments. The equipment is easy to pack away and store during winter so everything can be available for summer parties year after year.