Electric Bike: Getting More Out Of Your E-Bike

 If you're in the market for an electric bike this holiday season, you can maximize the longevity and efficiency of your bike with a few easy steps.

Here are a few maintenance habits to establish to get the most out of your electric bike.

Pre-Ride Check

Even though an electric bike might seem like the distant relative of a standard bike, at its core, an e-bike is still just a bike. Thus, before you ride, it can help to ensure that your electric bike is safe and fully functional.

  • PSI Perfection: Nothing ruins a ride on your electric bike like a flat tire. Before you ride, spend a few moments testing your tire pressure. Although the PSI (pressure per square inch) varies depending on the size and thickness of your tire, your tires should always be within the recommended range. Riding with your tires too low or too high can decrease the efficiency of your battery power, create a harmful wear pattern, and increase the odds of getting a flat. It's also a good idea to keep a portable pump with you whenever you ride your electric bike.
  • Brake Tension: For both safety and performance, your electric bike brakes should be at just the right tension levels. Although there isn't an easy way to test your brake tension, giving each brake a quick squeeze can be worth the effort. If you notice that a brake is spongy or stiff, adjust the tension using the appropriate Allen wrench.

E-Bike Efficiency

To make your e-bike go further and faster, it helps to remember a few basic riding rules.

  • Pedal Assist: Most electric bikes are designed to assist riders to pedal with greater efficiency. You can drastically increase the range of your electric bike battery (and get a little exercise) by using your electric motor intentionally. For instance, you might use your electric bike motor to help you get up hills, but on downhills, you can probably pedal to maintain speed. Additionally, when hitting long, flat, sections of road or trail, use your electric bike motor to get to the speed you want, before switching over to pedaling. You can also gently engage the motor if you notice your speed is flagging or you need a little break.

Charging and Storing

Charging and storing your electric bike can impact the longevity and reliability of your battery. Consider always charging your electric bike battery until it is full. Once the charge is maxed out, remove your battery and store it in a dry, cool, space.

For more information about electric bikes, contact a local business.