Why Aluminum Team Benches Are Better Than Wood

The benches that you plan to install at your local sports facility will get countless hours of use over the coming years, so it's important to choose the right benches. A company that supplies team benches will have all sorts of options for you to consider. While aluminum benches are highly popular, you might also see wooden benches and wonder if they might be a good addition to your facility. If so, it's important to understand the many benefits that aluminum benches offer over their wood counterparts. Here are three examples. 

Difficult To Damage

Wood benches can easily become damaged, even during regular use. For example, when young athletes sit on the top of their bench with their feet on the seat, their cleats can create marks in the wood. Over time, these marks can cause deep gouges, chips, and other damage to the wood — likely resulting in you needing to replace it prematurely. This won't be a problem when you have aluminum benches. Repeated contact with sharp cleats won't cause damage to this material, ensuring that the bench will last for a long time.

Lighter To Move

While some team benches are designed to be mounted to the ground, others are portable. Portable benches are ideal because people can move them from one area to another within the sports facility. For example, if there's a game that requires extra benches for the players, some players from one of the teams can go to an adjacent sports field and retrieve its benches. If you're shopping for portable benches, aluminum can be an ideal material because of its lightweight nature. Most aluminum benches will be considerably lighter than their wood counterparts, making them a lot more portable.

Better Lifespan

When you make an investment in buying team benches for your facility, you want them to last as long as possible. Aluminum benches have an extremely long lifespan, but this isn't always the case with wood. Wood can begin to break down due to environmental factors. For example, a wooden bench that is in a shaded area will often stay wet after rainfall, rather than dry out quickly. Over time, this moisture will cause the wood to rot — eventually resulting in the wood becoming soft and not safe to sit on. If you're looking for a material that will last for a very long time, aluminum will be your best option.

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