The Best Agility Drills For Soccer Players

Soccer is considered to be the sport that requires the most agility. So, if you feel as if the agility of your team is not where you want them to be, it may be a good idea to purchase agility equipment and learn a few very good agility drills. For soccer, there are many agility tools that are useful, but cones and markers are particularly helpful.

Weave In-And-Out

Soccer players very rarely run in straight lines, so it is important to learn how to zig-zag quickly. Place four markers in a straight line and place a second set side-by-side with the markers slightly farther ahead. Then, sprint from one marker to the next, touching each one with your hand. Try to complete this as quickly as possible. This drill will teach you how to change direction rapidly when running.

Driving Test

Perform a driving test. This is where you give instructions to your players and have them react rapidly. You may be asked to accelerate, decelerate, or change directions quickly. Tell them to accelerate and run in a straight line and then quickly backpedal. Place cones and markers throughout and have several soccer players participate in this simultaneously. Place cones throughout the area and require that the soccer players avoid running into each other or the cones.

Broken 100-Yard Sprint

Basketball players often perform "suicides," which involve sprinting rapidly in one direction and then sprinting rapidly, suddenly, in a different direction. One variation, which accounts for the need to rapidly change direction frequently, is the broken 100-yard sprint. Five cones are placed in a straight line. Then, the players sprint to the first cone and then sprint immediately back. Next, the players are expected to sprint to the second cone. This continues until the players have sprinted to each cone. A variation of this involves arranging the cones in the shape of a T and sprinting back and forth to each cone, using the first cone, the bottom of the T, as a starting point.

Follow The Leader

Pair each player with a teammate. Have one player be the leader and run in random directions. Then, the other player has to follow him closely. Then, have the players swap roles. Soccer is a very physically demanding sport, but the body will eventually adapt to these training methods and your players will be more reactive to the field and will win more games.

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