Tips For Balancing And Perfecting Your Golf Putting Swing

If you have just started to play golf, you may be practicing a lot of hours learning various swings, from driving to putting. Below are some tips to help you balance and perfect your golf putting swing so that you can increase your chances of hitting the hole.

Tie A String From Your Belt To The Club

One important part of putting is to keep your swing balanced. The backstroke and the follow through should be equal so that the speed of the string and the ball remains consistent . One way to ensure that you keep them the same is to tie a string from your belt to the top of your putter.

Determine the length of the swing that creates a smooth putt. After you have an idea of the distance, cut a piece of twine or yarn and tie one end to the front of your belt. Then, attach the other end to the top of the club.

If you try to go too far on your backstroke, the string will either pull your arm back or snap. If this keeps happening, you will know that you are trying to go too far whenever you pull back to hit the ball.

After you hit the ball, your swing should make the string taut. If there is slack in it, your follow through is too short so that the ball does not make it to the hole. However, if the string breaks, you have swung too hard and the ball will overshoot the hole.

Practice The Distance Between Two Tees

On some days, you may not be able to practice your putt at the course. If you want to practice putting at different distances, you can do so in your backyard by positioning two tees and moving them for each swing.

For example, if you have discovered that you tend to miss putts that are two feet from the hole, place the tees that far apart. Every time you putt at one of them, try hitting the other tee. Once you have practice this enough, you can then move the tees closer together or further apart.

Practicing the above tips every day will help you perfect your putting swing. However, if you feel that you need someone to teach you one-on-one, you may want to find a professional who offers golf instruction. (These types can be found at Monticello Country Club or other places) They can look at your swing, detect what is wrong, and teach you how to correct it.